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Independence, A Family of Services, Inc.

Encourage A Youth Campaign A Success


Oct 13


Highly successful “Encourage A Youth” letter-writing campaign!   

Thanks to many caring adults in the community, over 100 letters and words of encouragement were submitted using our website, Twitter and Facebook pages as well as postal mail.  During the entire month of November 2013, letters and quotes of encouragement were sent to IFS foster teens and youth working so hard to become independent and overcome some of the most difficult challenges they have faced in their very young lives.  Below, please take a look at “Words of Encouragement for Foster Teens and IFS Youth.”

Thank you to all those who submitted words of encouragement!


Statistics have demonstrated that youth who have been placed in foster care are at-risk for “offending” and becoming involved in the criminal justice system because they typically come from dysfunctional homes. They are plagued by chronic homelessness, lack of adequate support systems, and have limited financial resources.  To make matters worse, these youth generally lose the support of the child welfare system at the critical age of 21 when they “age-out.”

Thankfully, at IFS we provide a unique array of personalized services to help our teens navigate through and overcome some of the worst situations. Our work with them, based on their individual needs and strengths, has resulted in keeping 95% of the teens who come to us from going into deeper and more institutionalized services, and has assured that they move on to become independent self-sufficient adults.

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